Mural Art

Walk the streets, explore the laneways, stop a moment to take in the vibrant and lively art scene of Mildura with Mildura City Heart’s Mural Art Project. Using iconic buildings as their canvas, artists from all over the world lend their creativity to celebrate the region’s diversity of cultures, native landscape, and unique sense of identity that makes Sunraysia feel like home.

Large-scale Murals commissioned by MCH, complement pre-existing artworks and historic signage that tell a story of commercial trade and community from years past, capturing it for visitors and locals alike, while presenting an interpretation of the present and hopes for generations to come.

Partially self-funded through turning the Murals into posters, tote bags, and tea towels, the Mural Art Project encourages thought, starts conversations, welcomes people to our City Heart, and hopes they’ll take a piece of our region home with them.