of Directors

Mildura City Heart Inc. is an Incorporated Association with an elected community based board of management.

Established in December 2010, Mildura City Heart Management is committed to promoting and improving Mildura City and provide a unique, quality, lifestyle experience. The Board meets for monthly board meetings in the Mildura City Heart Office.

Traders are welcome to attend upon request directed to the administrative staff. Board positions are a two year tenure. Limited positions become available every year just prior to the Annual General Meeting held in October.

If you would like more information, please contact Mildura City Heart management.

Directors EOI
Jay Telford

Deputy Chair

Briony Bridgett

Board Director

Raelene Shields

Board Director

Katerina Stephens

Board Director


Mildura City Heart 5 year Strategic and Business Plan 2019-2024 is a plan to guide direction and success of our CBD Retail precinct. We strive to promote and improve Mildura City Heart and provide a unique quality life style experience.