Fine & Rare



Reflecting the beauty of the flora and fauna found in the region, Fine & Rare, by artist Ema Gardner, known as ADORE, encourages thought and consideration of what surrounds us in not only the urban sense, but the natural environment.

Blooming to life on the wall of Shilliday’s Lane between Honeybar and Zambero’s, its contrast to the built environment it resides in makes the mural one of contrast, personal reflection, and thought-provoking engagement with the local community.

A Regent Parrot, an Emu-Wren, a blue faced honeyeater, immersed among pig face and quandongs, spotted with gum nuts and native liquorice. A mural not only reflecting the essence of nature but embodying it through its medium using eco-friendly graphenstone paint which actively absorbs Co2 and doesn’t create microplastic pollution like most paints, that end up in waterways and the ocean.

“I hope this mural serves as a gentle reminder of our connection to nature and our shared responsibility to protect our planet for future generations.” – ADORE