Bowrings Lane


Travis Price

Each element of the largescale mural in Bowrings Lane tells a story of Mildura’s history.

Painted onto the side of Bowrings Building, the mural designed by Travis Price features a portrait of Bill Bowring, ‘Sunraysed’ fruit branding, and a nod to the namesake of the neighbouring Tschirpig Lane, baker Ray Tschirpig.

Among the vibrant work is a scattering of mint leaves, a throwback to the days when the Valencia Room in Bowrings Building was serving its famous mint juleps.

Painted over two-and-a-half days, the mural is the handiwork of Ballarat-based designer Price, who worked alongside a band of volunteers, including SuniTAFE, VCAL and La Trobe University students, as well as Cultivator Inc members.

The mural is best viewed from the intersection of Bowrings and Tschirpig Lanes.