Tea Towel

Add a touch of Mildura charm to your kitchen with the Streets of Our Town tea towel. This stylish and functional piece features a design created by community members and artist Anita Laurence, depicting their interpretations of Mildura’s built landscape and environment. The individual lino-carved pieces form a beautiful mural that graces Healy Lane. Made from high-quality materials, this tea towel is both practical and decorative, making it a perfect addition to any Mildura-loving household.


Product Description

Streets of Our Town is the culmination of works from community members, led by artist Anita Laurence. Throughout a series of workshops, Laurence inspired participants to walk the streets of our town – Mildura, Sunraysia, asking them to see the built landscape and environment they call home. Participants then carved their interpretations into lino which would be joined together in creating the final Mural to adorn the walls of Healy Lane. 


Available in a poster, handy tote bag and this conveniently stylish tea towel, Streets of Our Town allows for anyone to bring a piece of Mildura home with them.