Airlocker Training Mildura

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Air Locker is the total body and mind, training and lifestyle choice for everyone.

Air Locker Training brings group fitness to new heights. Simulating a high altitude environment within our gym space emulates a training experience which was once only accessible to athletes.

The benefits of training in Altitude are many!

Burn up to 30% more calories during your workout
300% greater EPOC (rate calories are burnt) post workout
28% greater resting metabolic rate
Increased muscular hypertrophy and strength
Greater oxygen delivery to the tissues, muscles and brain
Enhanced production and rejuvenation of mitochondria (the cell’s hub for aerobic energy production)
Decreased average heart rate and blood pressure
Increased hormone production, great contributing factors in both muscle gain and fat loss
Increase in serotonin
Accelerates muscles repair , wound healing and recovery from injury
Increased collagen production and skin microcirculation
Our unique programming combined with the simulated altitude environment creates a workout developed to increase strength and hypertrophy, improve fitness and endurance levels, promote fat loss and lean muscle gains, target injury prevention, cognitive function and promote and support a strong will and mindset.

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